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Walked in and everyone was very welcoming! Everything is nice and new! I got the coconut pedicure what I was most excited about is that he cut and file my nails perfect just how I like it! I definitely recommend this place! Come check it out!

Annie P.

I am looking for 6 stars to rate for Qtie nails but don’t want it to get tooooo popular  so I can say it’s 5. First, the thing you will get at Qtie is EXCELLENT customer service. There is Tracy and Lindsey. They are excellent and so friendly. The Jelly pedicure is what I highly…

Roxanne R Manicure

Cute new nail salon that will blow you away with their attention to detail and luxurious upgrades. Tracy is has been my nail girl for the past 2 years and I am happy I found her here at this salon! If you are pick and want perfection, come here!

Sugar M. Manicure